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If you are interested in Polled genetics you should definitely visit the German Selection Sale. More than 10 Polled heifers will be sold, both hetero- and homozygote.

a few examples

Lot 8: Schuit K&L RM Marly P Red

  • +319 GNVI / +146 GRZG from the Apina Massia 20 VG-89 family
  • Polled and Red
  • Ready to flush

Schuit RM K&L Marcy PP Red VG-86
Schuit RM K&L Marcy PP Red VG-86, dam to Marly P Red

Lot 104: KNS Faith P RDC

  • +2629 GTPI
  • Slightly different pedigree for Polled
  • Modesty x Supershot x Numero Uno

MHD Uno Fioka P RDC GP-84, granddam to Faith P RDC

Lot 1: Wilder Dafne Lucky PP Red

  • One of the highest Red Homozygous Polled heifers on RZG
  • Her full brother is @ RUW
  • From the fantastic Debutante Rae family

Wilder Dafne Blue PP RDC, dam to Lucky PP Red

Lot 72: PH Alisa P

  • +2695 GTPI
  • Polled Jedi
  • High % protein

PH Antje VG-88, granddam to Alisa P